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Mathis Takes Belt

Well on 9th June the lightweight title was to be put on the line as George Sharman would be there to defend his newly crowned belt against the very Wiley Ollie Mathis.

This fight was the main event on this evening and as another reported commented, this really did feel like a main event, the crowd was very vocal indeed and supporters from both fighters were cheering their warriors name louder and louder.

This fight was back and forth and it seemed that Mathis was looking to strike and Sharman was attempting takedowns from the word go!

Sharman did get takedowns but Mathis was back up on his feet or in the guard and from there he would sweep Sharman to get top position.

Round 1 and 2 were almost identical as both fighters put on a fantastic display of skill and courage, but it was round 3 where there was a big difference, with Mathis looking fresher of the 2 the fight suddenly seemed one sided and Mathis dominated the round from the mount and took the champions back attempting to apply the rear naked choke.

As the bell sounded you could tell who had won the fight before the official had called out the judge's decision as Sharman's team were with their heads in their hands and seemed to be consolidating Sharman whilst the fans of Mathis were celebrating and Mathis was grinning hugely.

Sure enough Mathis takes the Adrenalin FC Amateur Lightweight title but not without a war and Sharman is a very tough fighter that showed why he won the belt in the first place

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Young Gun To Defend

Saturday 9th June at Medway Park will see Adrenalin Fc -Kings Of The Cage return and so ids the New Amateur Lightweight Champion George Sharman who was in an epic battle on the last event where he secured the rear strangle to secure the submission and have the prestigious belt put around his waist!

This time round Sharman returns to defend the title and is said to be training really hard and is determined to prove that he is the champion.

Plus there are other great warriors such as Ollie Mathis, David Howell, Tye Palmer, Paul Bentley, and many more.

Fight Card and fighter interviews coming soon!

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Return Of The Flame

This is a fighter Lee Johnstone has wanted to return to his events for some time now after Robbie Olivier made his Mixed MartialArts debut on Lee's show around 2001/2.

Olivier is a legend in the UK MMA scene and has fought just about everyone who is someone at his weight division.

David Howell is a new Breed of MMA Fighter and said he is honoured to fight a Legend like Olivier.

Seriously guys this fight is getting talked about everywhere and Howell's fans expect him to put away Olivier and it is pretty certain Olivier's fan base is expecting their fighter to do the same thing.

Get your tickets now and do not miss this fight

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Middleweight Fight

This is another great fight to look forward too, we are all really excited about this middleweight fight.

Both fighters are training hard and are pleased to fight each other.

Zimmermann is making his debut and O'Callaghan has had one fight previous to this which he lost in round 2 so he is sure to try and redeem himself

Zimmermann may have a few nerves being his first fight on such a big event but we are sure instinct will take over and the fight preperation will serve him good.

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Welterweight War

I'm looking forward to this bout, both guys are welterweights and both promise to put up a great fight, Hennessy who is making his debut but has been around since the beginning of UK MMA is set to fight Bamatgirie who is 1:0:0, but Bamatgirie promises he will be too much for Hennessy

Is Bamatgirie as good as he say's or will Hennessy prove he that it is he who is too much for the confident Bamatgirie

Tickets are on sale now so why not book yours and do not miss what could well be fight of the night

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Who Will Win

Chris Wells Or Steve Jarret, Who will win this lightweight bout?

Jarret is makiing his debut and Wells is coming off of a loss from the previous Adrenalin FC event that was held in Strood, Kent

You cannot afford to miss this bout as these 2 upcoming fighters go head to head on the 30th October in the 32 foot cage

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Bring On The Bantamweights

The bantamweights are a division which the crowd have really started to enjoy as at this weight class the fighters are like pocket dynamo's and just keep going at a relentless pace from the start of the fight to the last seconds of the bout.

This fight is going to be a very fast paced fight as both Bently and Goring are in this division and with 1 win each this is very even bout.

You cannot afford to blink in this bout as these 2 upcoming fighters go head to head on the 30th October

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New Venue

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Adrenalin event scheduled for Sunday 4th September has been cancelled. Passion, former home of Adrenalin, was unexpectedly shut down, forcing a woeful end to Kent's premier MMA show at this venue.

But, like the proverbial phoenix rising from the Ashes, Adrenalin Fighting Championship has returned, resurrected by organiser Lee Johnstone in a bigger, better and greater form, ready to showcase the talent of British MMA.

On the 30th October 2011, AFC invades the Medway Park, packing its huge faculty with the most exciting full-contact sport in the World

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Lightweight Battle

Both these fighters have been chipping away at the block slowly rising to the top and the time has now come for both of them to face each other on 30th October.

This fight will be for the vacant Adrenalin FCLightweight AM Title and both would like to have the belt around their waist at the end of the evening!

Thomas who is the taller of the 2 fighters will need to utalise his reach advantage and keep the fight at range to stop the shorter Rooney come inside and capitalise on his more powerfull frame to gain advantage against Thomas

Come 30:10:11 there will be a new champion!

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Adrenalin FC 6 Post Fight Report

June 12th really did make a few changes in the MMA world, one of these changes was when Lake who was making his pro debut put his opponent Banaitis who was 10-5-0 away in the 1st round with a Americana!

This fight has already made Lake undoubtedly shoot up the UK rankings.

Palmer put away his opponent in less than 3 seconds with one of the most brutal KO's in MMA history.

David Howells TKO'd his opponent with a vicious knee followed by a few punches to his downed foe.

Hall had a war with Malik as the Englishman was relentless in his takedown attempts which finally broke the defence of the Frenchman but not without eating a few good punches, once the fight hit the floor however it was all one way traffic as Hall systematically worked position after position to take the back of Malik and slap on a vicious choke leaving the French fighter tapping and holding his larynx in pain.

Trottman came out all guns blazing and smashed his opponent about before slapping on a painfully looking arm bar to secure his win.

Campbell lost his belt via an arm bar with only a few seconds to go in round 1 after what seemed like he was beating his opponent up, this just goes to show that a win in MMA can come from nowhere and at any time!

Chapman lost his Light Heavyweight title too in round 1 by losing via a rear naked strangle

This event had everything from full on stand up wars to strangle holds rendering the receiver unconscious

Full report and Photographs to follow shortly

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Heavyweight Showdown

This fight will be one of the most anticipated fights of the evening with Lake making his pro debut against the very tough Banaitis who is 9:4:1.

Lake may well look like the underdog in this fight but let’s not make any mistakes Lake has a 8:0:0 AM fight record and totally destroyed all opponents placed in front of him!

But Banaitis may well be the guy to cause trouble to Lakes winning streak with his judo experience and knock out power which he has proven in previous fights by KO'ing his opponents with head kicks and punches and just recently totally destroyed the UK's highly rated Ben Smith.

Lake says he's confident but ready for a real war - Bring it on!

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Adrenalin FC 5 Report

February 27th was the evening of a great feast of fights, there was plenty of hardcore action and some of the fights were gruelling and was so evenly matched they went to the judge's decision.

Dave Chapman and Jack Mills fought each other in which Dave was defending his title against Mills, a fighter he had defeated about 2 years earlier!

This time round though you could see Mils had been training and training hard as he set about stuffing Chapman's takedown and had Chapman tied up and both were thrashing around the cage to secure a supreme position against the other.

After a short battle Chapman managed to fathom out the riddle set by Mils and secured a win by tap out and retained his title

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Reed V Thomas

Luke Thomas is one tough guy and anyone who saw him take punishment from David Howell knows just how tough Thomas really is!

After that fight he returned and blasted away at his opponent and demolished his foe as though he was a jack hammer.

Joe “The Milkman” Reed is making his debut and knows his first fight could possibly be one of his toughest he will ever have just because of who is opponent is, but he is game and knows there will be a war.

Will Thomas deal with Reed or will “The Milkman” deliver a fresh defeat to Thomas

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Nave V OKeeffe

Steve Okeeffe is set to fight Oscar Nave from Portugal for the Adrenalin FC Featherweight Title on 27th February.

This will be a great test for OKeeffe as Nave has 6 wins and 2 losses under his belt and 50% of his wins came by the way of TKO or KO, and 1 of his wins was by submission and 2 by judges decision, so one can tell Nave is a ...all round fighter and can go the distance too if needed!

Okeeffe was due to fight McEwan originally but McEwan pulled out due to personal reasons which have made way to this superb match up.

Will OKeeffe put nave away or will he wilt during the later rounds? Will Nave’s striking ability be too much for OKeeffe? or will OKeeffe’s kicks and submissions stop the Portuguese Nave in his tracks?

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Mills Cannot Wait

Jack Mills is Set to fight Dave Chapman on the 27th Feb for the Lightheavyweight AM Title and he is very excited to have the opportunity to fight Chapman again.

Mills previously fought and lost to Chapman Via Americana and is really gunning to test himself against the undefeated Chapman.

Mills who won his last fight in super quick fashion is

hoping to upset the winning streak of Chapman and add a loss to his record as well as taking the belt from the current Adrenalin FC AM Light Heavyweight Champion.

This fight will be exciting as both fighters have come a long way since their last meeting a couple of years ago and you are sure to see a few surprises during this bout

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Howell Makes Pro Debut

David Howell is making his pro debut on 27th Feb at Adrenalin FC - Cage Rivals which is taking place at Amadeus In Strood, Kent!

David Howells who was the Adrenalin FC Former Welterweight Am Champion is now set to fight his Professional bout at lightweight and this will be against the very tough Frenchman Nicolas Bertolo.

Bertolo is a tough fighter with around 9 fights under his belt and on his debut at Adrenalin FC he destroyed Jeremy Petley after avoiding Petley's takedown attempts.

This fight is actually very even and both fighters are well prepared on the ground and upstanding, so it is definitely going to be one of the most anticipated fights of the night

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Crazy Night of Crazy Fights

December 5th was one very cold night with temperatures around -2, but inside the temperature was boiling as some of the craziest bouts were taking place leaving people in shack and awe as some unbelievable displays of MMA was taking place!

There was a fully stacked fight card with a bustling crowd of fans and 2 Title fights on the line making it an exelent event to finish the end of the year on and Lee Johnstone who has been promoting MMA events for over 9 years now had some perfect match making skills as it produced some really exciting bouts

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Vital Vs Boutari

Vital vs Botari will be one fight to remember from 2010!

Vital has a reputation of coming out of the starting blocks fast and likes to finish with a rear strangle whilst Boutari is known for his all round game.

You guys really are in for a treat with this main event fight as Vital and Boutari get it on in the cage this coming Sunday 5th December.

Adrenalin FC has very quickly become the event where the fighters have high calibre skills and often fighters enter Adrenalin FC and really are in for a wakeup call!

Will Boutari be in for a wakeup call or will the young gun be a level higher than Vital


Hart Wants NO.1 Spot

Steve Hart wants the number one spot in the AM lightweight division of the Adrenalin FC Mixed Martial Arts event rankings and to do that he has to defeat the current number one ranked cage fighter Craig Rooney!

Rooney and Hart both have shown great tenacity and both have the warrior spirit that is needed when competing in a MMA event and this bout will lively to say the least.

Also both fighters have not lost yet on Adrenalin FC and each really want to prove they are the best on this event which is the toughest most respected Mixed Martial Arts Event around where the fighters skills have to be at a great level and being the number one guy is a honour


Palmer V Brown

Tye Palmer and Chad Brown are set to get it on, on the 5th December at Amadeus.

Brown will be making his debut on Adrenalin FC against Palmer who won his first fight by judges decision.

Both these young and eager fighters are excited to fight each other and see who is the best man on the night and you can guarantee they will be going for broke on the 5th.

These middleweight fights are exciting to watch as they have the speed and power to keep you on the edge of your seat with the expectation of the explosion that fighters of this build have and can be so devastating .

Lightweight Champion Diego Vital

Vital Returns

Diego Vital, the Adrenalin FC Lightweight Pro Champion is looking forward to his return in the cage to defend his title.

Vital defeated OKeeffe on his last fight which earned him the championship belt and now he is eager to defend on 5th December at Amadeus.

The opponent for Vital is confirmed and as soon as the contracts arrive back we will release his name, but this fight is going to be one of the best this year and that really takes some doing.

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David Howell-The new Adrenalin FC Champion

Adrenalin  FC - Caged Combat

Well well well, what can one say about this evening other than OMG.

There was some really exciting fights including 2 championship bouts, one was the light heavyweight defence in which Dave Chapman was defending his belt against Mat Spice and the 2nd championship bout was for the vacant Adrenalin FC Welterweight  Belt which 

saw David Howell dispatch of his opponent in less than 2 minutes and take possession of the belt!

Lee Ambler had a re-match with Andrius Juska and systematically took him apart by starting off with a huge suplex and then followed by a continuation of strikes the won the bout with a rear naked choke early on in the 2nd round.

Steve OKeeffe and Jeremy Petley had a crazy fight in which Jeremy was winning the fight up to the end of the second round, but on the 2nd round the tables turned and OKeeffe put the pressure with strikes and on and then caught Jeremy in a guillotine forcing him to tap out and leaving the tired OKeeffe victorious.

Campbell looked in good shape as he beat his opponent with a rear naked choke and is now in contention for a Title shot on 5th December.

Andy Mcewan looked good as he secured another quick win via rear naked choke against the game Cooke and will be looking to step up the ladder again on the next event.

Jack Mills In Action At Adrenalin FC

Jack Mills returned to the Adrenalin cage and looked in good form as he took on the tough Dave Illingtongworth, though this fight was not very long at all as Mill’s changed levels as his opponent swung a right hand. Mills then proceeded to take him down a secure a head and arm triangle to gain a tap out and a great victory.

Mehmet Faulds Bloodied his opponent with an onslaught of punches from the mount position whilst Marvin Campbell knocked his opponent out stone cold from the same mounted position!

Dayman Lake had what looked like his toughest fight to date but took the huge fighter down and tied up both arms and proceeded to punch his foe in the fully exposed face leaving the tough but very frustrated Trifonovs no choice but to verbally tap  as he could use his hand at all or continue to take a vicious beating.

Rooney fought a great fight and strangled his opponent out in the first round and made his fight record 2-0-0

Fighter Rankings

Adrenalin FC- Fighter Rankings are now up for the Amateur fighters and the professional fighters section will be added shortly'

Adrenalin FC is striving to bring the most up to date rankings which will allow for title matches to be set for the prestigious Adrenalin FC Championship Belt.

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